Upcoming Ardingly Parish Council Meetings: May 2020

Recent Legislation has given the Parish Council the authority to hold its meetings remotely.

Members of the Public can participate remotely in all Parish Council Meetings.

Members of the Public wishing to participate in any upcoming meetings of the Parish Council should contact the Clerk on either ardinglypc@hotmail.co.uk or 01444 226 209 and the Clerk will provide a link and/or dial in details for the meeting you wish to attend.

Please see the below agenda’s for upcoming meetings of the Parish Council to be held in May 2020.

Please note the 1st of May Extraordinary Meeting Agenda states that “This is a wholly exempt business meeting. Public and Press may not attend”  this is incorrect!

All Parish Council Meetings are open to the Public until such time that a resolution is made to exclude the Public for reasons of confidentiality. In the case of this meeting that will be at item 1550.1

EO Meeting 010520

APC Agenda 050520










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